Reiki Master Mary McFadyen and her role in Traditional Reiki

Mrs. Mary McFadyen was the twentieth Reiki master initiated by Mrs. Takata at the middle of September 1980.

Although she was among the 22 masters trained by Mrs. Takata, Mary never used this as an official accreditation, letting her passion, love and dedication for Reiki speak for herself.

Not wanting to be part of those who deliberately had changed the form of the original training method in Usui Shiki Ryoho, Mary had taught her Reiki classes conscientiously a few years before she began training her own masters.

Looking back at the traditional lineage of the masters Usui- Hayashi- Takata- McFadyen, it left a vast legacy to all those who had the patience, the perseverance, an open mind, but also the audacity to follow it to the end. A legacy which very few people know nowadays.

And how could we honor the lineage we come from better than bringing to light the numerous contributions made by Master Mary Alexandra McFadyen?

Reiki Master Mary A. McFadyen , Lucica Toroipan and dr. Aurelian Curin, Berlin 2008

She brought Traditional Reiki to Europe

Mrs Mary McFadyen was the first Reiki master trained by Mrs. Takata who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, bringing in the early 1980s Traditional Reiki to Europe. Her unprecedented presence became later common and she was invited twice a year to teach classes especially to Germany, her big love. There, she held first and second degree seminars in different cities- Hamburg, Tubingen, Ravensburg, Munchen, Nurnberg, Stierberg, Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt every sixth month for 30 years.

That’s why she was named by her masters „Mother Reiki” and some of her students called her „Grandmother Reiki” showing the love, the wisdom, the authority of a real pioneer.

Mary used to say regarding Reiki’simpetus in Germany that ”people were prepared for the light. People really wanted Reiki. It seemed to me that Germany had exploded and that the people, who came to my classes, really wanted to learn as much as possible about Reiki.. Germany was mature enough for Reiki. It received Reiki with an open heart.”

But her passion for Reiki and her untiring desire to spread the Traditional Reiki secrets led to her being invited to hold seminars in different countries of the world recalling here Scotland, Switzerland, Portugal, Iceland, Mauritius, Hawaii, United Kingdom, India, USA by those eager not only to receive initiations, but also to learn from the life lessons she shared so gracefully with her students.

Reiki Outreach International

Reiki Outreach International started in 1990 at the initiative of master Mary McFadyen and was the first organization of this type which acted unitarily in order to bring peace, harmony and love to the planet. Founded by master McFadyen’s vision, namely that ”the Reiki practitioners can make a big difference” when they are involved in transmitting energy to different serious situations which can affect us directly or indirectly in a negative way. This kind of situations were armed conflicts, political unrest, contagious diseases, epidemics, floods, drought, fires or hunger.

Reiki Outreach International existed in order to facilitate the healing not only at social but also at planetary level, representing the ideal of the selfless service, being open to all Reiki practitioners regardless of the lineage or training level, they being invited as often as possible to participate individually in Reiki energy transmission for different serious situations.

Benefiting from five telephone lines, which answered the calls non stop, and two fax machines, the organization was involved in creating a positive support energy field having a visible impact on the floods in India, the local wars from the Far East, the hunger from different countries of South Africa, but also in the situation of the orphaned children from the orphanages in Romania.

Spirituality and healing

„I believe that healing depends on spirituality. I don’t think they can be separated.” Mary McFadyen

This is one of Reiki Master Mary McFadyen’s favorite subjects that came from a vast experience based on Mrs. Takata’s teachings, but also on her own observations of the healing phenomenon, and also the relationship between disease and spirituality. Mary insisted on the fact that the diseases alwyas have spiritual causes which, once identified, help the healing period shorten significantly.

And a complete healing can be achieved only through the awareness of the person who is ill, helping them to find the real cause of their problem. And if we see it like that, then Reiki is no longer just a simple efficient energetical instrument or a therapy, but it gets a powerful life transformation way in which the main components are forgiving and loving.

In the forgiving process, which she considered to be magic, Mary offered the necessary tools for the ill person to assume responsibility, for the awareness of the real cause of the disease and the changing of the pattern of behavior through self-analysis so that the suffering person was helped to direct not only their attention, but also their energy inwards looking for new meanings for the events in their life and understanding the necessary changes on a deep level.

One of Mary’s favorite teachings was this one: ”It is necessary for us to learn to go back to the interior, to a values scale which focuses on human beauty, on what can grow inside of our soul and not on what exists outside of it.”

Reiki and the diseases

When she talked about this subject which she loved, Mary insisted on the fact that each of us had our own learning pace and our own rhythm of understanding for making a change at spiritual level which would lead to a complete healing, stressing that ”behind a disease lay actually the special chance for growing spiritually” and an unpleasant event was carrying a special gift which generated new experiences and direct knowledge.

She recommended that in this case ”we should have the courage to accept and see what could change inside of us and to always look for the positive part of the lesson”.

Trusting the Reiki she had learned from Mrs. Takata and her vast experience completely, Mary emphasised that ”there was no reason for worrying because the Universe would provide us with all its means and tools for accomplishing this process inside of us.”

Going deeper inside her teachings, Mary insisted particularly on the way we should think so that we could create a wonderful life in which we should become co-creators of the Universe.

She gave particular emphasis to the fact that ”the changing of a life aspect was not tomorrow, but right now, today, this very moment”, thus encouraging all of her students and Masters to not delay what had to be done any longer.

In order to illustrate the given life-lessons, Mary was quoting passages from Master Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings, whose student she had been for a few years in the spiritual community from Ananda, that drew special attention to the truth that ”we are divine beings created in the image and likeness of God, but we forget that we are also energetic beings” and that is why she recommended relentless, daily practice of Reiki stressing that ”Reiki would refine vibrations, therefore we would reach awareness of the Divine presence in its life becoming thus a permanent channel of manifestation of this”.

The subtle causes of diseases

” The most important thing is to find the true cause and to eliminate it completely”.  Mary McFadyen

One of the special characteristics of the Takata- McFadyen lineage is the search of the subtle causes of different diseases, a very efficient system for recognizing the real problem based on its experience of more than 30 years of Reiki, the observations carried outduring the thousands of hours of healing sessions combined with its special intuition, but also with the spiritual notions learned from the school of master Yogananda.

This system consists of seven important steps- reading the body language, listening to the voice, the way the ill person communicates, the benefits obtained by the ill person as a result of their disease, which part of the body is affected and also notions about the energetic reading of the chakras. Along with the two famous key questions asked at the end and maybe the use of interpretation of the different life cycles, they were building a very refined system which, when being extended to perfection, leads to revealing the cause of the disease within minutes.

I had the special chance to witness direct demonstrations of applying the method not only during the seminars held by Mrs. McFadyen which I attended, but also during the healing sessions which were carried out when I could ascertain the efficiency of this system.

Moreover, along the training years with sensei McFadyen, I had the opportunity to attend three such seminars in order to learn the secrets of this system which is extremely rapid in discovering the cause of the diseases.

As one can notice, the essence of Mary’s teachings came from her recognition that Reiki is a spiritual tool offered to us not only for promoting health and prosperity, but also for accelerating our own spiritual evolution.

The rapid Reiki treatment

It was developed together with Reiki Master Patricia Bowling, Mary’s good friend, also one of the 22 Masters initiated by Mrs. Takata. The rapid treatment is being carried out on the chair, it takes 10- 15 minutes and it is being used when the Reiki practitioner doesn’t have enough time for a whole one hour and a half session.

A very simple and efficient therapy which makes a big difference in the way the one, who got it, feels. This method was being taught by Mrs. Mary McFadyen during her classes for the first degree beginning with 1981.

The treatment for serious diseases

This therapy, which she developed after practicing Reiki,  is another contribution of master Mary McFadyen brought to her lineage. In her classes, she dedicated a special chapter to explaining the componency, the role of the immune system and the way it reacts and responds to the Reiki therapy.

And even more so, Mary dedicated a part of her practice to the disease called AIDS for which she developed a therapeutic protocol that had outstanding results in this lethal disease. Later, this therapy method was also adapted to well-known diseases like leukemia, autoimmune diseases or different cancers.

Personal notes from Mrs. Takata’s classes

It is a well-known fact that Mrs. Takata didn’t encourage people to take notes during the seminars she held.The reason most often cited for that was:”If you lose your notes, you won’t know how to do Reiki anymore”, trying thus tobring attention to the practical, pragmatic, immediatelyapplicable side of traditional Reiki.

Before being initiated as a Reiki Master by Mrs. Takata, Mary was a very active presence in the Reiki community and, thanks to her openness, her strong character and her fine English humor she made a lot of friends among not only many Reiki Masters who have even today an enormous respect for her, but also among older students of Mrs. Takata.

One of them was a Japanese student who organized seminars for the Japanese community who typed the notes taken in one of the classes held in 1972 which describe the type of therapy recommended by Mrs. Takata and different advice regarding nutrition in not less than 43 diseases.

Mary got these notes in 1976 and she kept them till 2010 when she passed on to us the original document, yellowed by time, with the same respect, saying:”Now you will need this more”.

She published a book

Her book called ”The Reiki healing power- healing with the hands a rapid therapy” was published in Berlin by the publishing house Rowohlt in January 2003.    Having over 170 pages and more than 90 Reiki pictures, this book describes the place and the role of the hand positions, the rapid therapy, the treatment of chronic diseases in detail. The therapeutic guide about using the hand positions for 112 diseases is a valuable part of this exceptional book.

These are just a few of Reiki Master Mary Alexandra McFadyen’s contributions to the first degree of traditional Reiki.

Obviously, these are not all of them because the second degree as well as the last degree, the Master’s degree, have their own secrets which will be revealed to those who walk this wonderful way called Traditional Reiki, the lineage Hawayo Takata- Mary McFadyen, with yearning, special perseverance and strong will.

We believe that one of the most beautiful homages paid to this lineage, in which we were also trained, was that of Reiki Master Phylis Lei Furumoto, Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter, who said:” Mary McFadyen was a strong teaching Reiki Master” that expressed Mary’s whole life, passion and dedication, but also a recognition of the great importance she had in spreading Traditional Reiki in the world.

Lucica Toroipan and dr. Aurelian Curin

Reiki Masters, Takata- McFadyen traditional lineage

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